It was a bright and stormy day. 

Some afternoon snapshots of the predicted storm. 

Be safe out there. 

All photos copyright 2016 Kari Quaas

4 thoughts on “It was a bright and stormy day. 

  1. living on Vancouver Island and waiting for the storm as well.. would be nice to know exactly where it will make landfall..

      1. we are an hour north of Victoria in the Cowichan Valley. Hopefully the Malahat highway will break the wind that Victoria is expecting. The weather department says the wind is supposed to be stronger in early evening and overnight.

  2. We are just socked in with rain right now and the wind is very light. We don’t have to water the garden!

    I love where you live. I used to do three day tours, including Victoria, out of Seattle with a day in Vancouver also. And, my growing up included going to the San Juans and Gulf Islands on my dad’s boat. We’re lucky to live here.

    Stay safe!

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