Solar Energy Creation

In July 2014, we installed solar panels on our home in the Northwest Neighborhood of Everett, WA.  The panels were installed by Forecast Solar and in total cost around $24,000. Before you think, wait, that’s a lot of money, I want to share how the pay back and incentive program works.

1) As soon as the panels were officially permitted and approved by Snohomish County PUD, we received an incentive check for $2500.

2) Since they’ve been installed, at least through three billing cycles or 6 months, we have not had an electrical bill. (Update: For most of 2016 we simply paid the regular account fee of around $16 a month.)

3) For each kWh we produce, or correctly the sun graces our panels with, we earn $.54 from the State of Washington.  For those paying attention, when you pay electricity, you pay $.09 per kWh.

4) When we filed our taxes in the spring of 2015, we received a 30% federal tax credit, which they estimated to be about $7000.

5) We didn’t pay state sales tax.

6) The incentives for making solar power will continue through 2020.  So, for the next 5 years, we’ll get checks in April for the amount made. Our incentive for the full year was around $4500. 🙂

So, let the sun shine!  If you have any questions about solar power, I’m happy to chat with you.  I’d love to see more roofs in my ‘hood with the reflective goodness helping us all and keeping our planet a bit greener in the process.

If you want a free estimate for your house, contact Forecast Solar at

Thanks for reading! #GoSolar !!



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