A Gust of Wind

Over a year ago, I became a scientist. 😉 I decided to hang one of my metal sunset prints called Mukilteo Glow outside on our deck rail. The aim was to test how indestructible the metal print was to the elements.

Honestly, it performed pretty well.

It bounced around on breezy days, was blasted by the sunshine last summer, and was rained and snowed on.

Well, on the last Sunday of February the winds were angry, my friends. It bounced around a bit, and then…

That was it. One gust too many and the metal print blew off of its frame! As I type the frame still hangs from the deck rail looking like storm carnage. Oh well.

I really did enjoy having the print out there especially on gray days when it brightened up the visual space.

The moral of the story?

Metal prints for the win!

Glue, not so much.

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