About Everett Sunsets

I grew up in Everett, Washington in a house where I could see this amazing water and mountains view to the west.  After a  23 year absence, I returned to my childhood home, and the beautiful view.  Weather permitting and sometimes enhancing, we are blessed with amazing sunsets over Port Gardner Bay including Mukilteo, Whidbey Island, Hat Island, Camano Island, and the Olympic Mountain Range. As the sun makes its journey from south to north and back again, we capture it and share it here.  I created this site to share our good fortune and hopefully bring a smile to the world.

Between my husband, Oliver Ross, and I, we aim to share a sunset photograph at least a few times a week.  For closer to daily shots, be sure to follow Everett Sunsets on Instagram.

– Kari Quaas, photographer

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